We are very proud to join the Billy Chip scheme at our Wapping Wharf restaurant. The Billy Chip mission is ‘to deliver kindness, compassion and a free hot drink to homeless people living rough on our streets.’. The Chip can be purchased for £2, given to any homeless person, and the recipient can redeem it for a free hot drink in any participating service – like Salt and Malt.

The B A Hope Foundation was set up in 2018 following the death of 20 year old Billy Abernethy-Hope, an ambulance driver from Bristol who was disheartened by the lack of support given to homeless people by the general public. He recognised that people are often reluctant to give money to homeless people. Furthermore, they feel awkward about buying them food as they may feel uncomfortable asking what they would like. His answer to this was the Billy Chip, and his idea has been realized by his family to continue his legacy.

Come along to Salt and Malt at Wapping Wharf and purchase a Billy Chip with your fish and chips, and help support the foundation.

‘A random act of kindness spreads faith, hope and charity.’.

Check out their website and find out more: www.billychip.com